Wreaths for Red Doors

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If you’re having trouble styling your entryway, try these wreaths for red doors. These options are perfect for pairing with bright, bold exterior color schemes.

How to Pick Wreaths for Red Doors

The issue with any bold entryway color choices is that they’re hard to match. They’ve already created a focal point for the house; adding to them can make things look too cluttered or loud.

Instead, your focus should be on options that are more subtle. Decorations need to work with your entryway, as opposed to standing out.

You don’t necessarily have to go with minimal or neutral decorations, though those are both good options. The point is to stick with tried and true color choices.

In this case, it’s much better to play it safe, that way your entryway can truly shine.

Complementary Options

The perfect complement for any rosy color is green. These colors are directly across from one another on the color wheel, so they contrast one another well.

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The obvious danger of this option is that it will look like you’re getting ready for the holidays year-round. To combat that, stay away from any bright green foliage. Instead, you can go with darker or lighter options, like eucalyptus, olive leaf, or magnolia.

These options are all a different shade then what you would expect from the typical fir or evergreen. As such, they’ll look less like holiday decorations.

Another option is to use blue and yellow flowers, for a triadic color scheme. This provides a pop of contrast that will still blend in well.

Monochromatic Options

For a subtler look, a monochromatic palette is another great option.

Tons of different reds occur naturally in flowers, so it should be easy to find a match for your entryway. You can also venture into lighter or darker colors instead. Pink, for example, is a common color for these decorations.

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Neutral Options

If all else fails, going with neutral colors is always a good choice. Brown and white are the best choices when it comes to these types of decorations. They’re the easiest to find, and they’ll look the best with bold colors.

If you’re going with white, all white floral options are pretty common. These options don’t include any foliage, so you won’t have to worry about any green peeking through.

Same for twig options. These tend to be mostly brown, with subtle color accents. These have more of a rustic touch, so they’re perfect for farmhouse or traditional styles. They’re also more minimal, if you’re looking for something subtler.

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Finding the Perfect Match for a Bold Exterior

A bold color on your entryway doesn’t have to be a styling challenge.

If you’re struggling with your doorway, the key is to play it safe. Go with complementary, or triadic color schemes. These will provide contrast, while still looking coordinated.

You can also go with neutral colors. Colors like white and brown will stand out, while still blending in. And there are plenty of options in these colors, to suit just about any style.

For something even more subtle, go with monochromatic colors. These will blend in well, and provide just a little bit of extra flair.

It’s true that getting decoration to match a bold exterior can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. With the right knowledge, you can find the perfect wreaths for red doors, or other bold colored entryways.

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