Wreaths for Door with Initials

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Distinguish your entryway with wreaths for door with initials. These decorations are the perfect way to individualize any threshold in your home.

A Popular New Trend

Using letters on things like jewelry and other accessories has once again become a popular trend. It was a common fashion statement around the nineties, and has since seen a resurgence. And it’s understandable why.

Letters are a fun way to personalize any accessory. You can use them to identify yourself, family members, or to spell out something meaningful.

The same is true for home decor. You can find all sorts of letter options, from wall stickers to wooden accents. And of course, wreaths.

But if you really want to make a statement, floral and foliage decorations are the way to go. These options tend to be larger and bolder by nature.

Monogram Wreath Styles

If you’re looking for letter decorations, there are two main options: letter embellishments, and letter frames. Each of them contains a monogram letter, but they’re very different in terms of appearance.

Here’s a brief overview of both types.

Wreaths with Initials

These decorations are usually built like traditional wreaths. You have a circular shape, with a monogram embellishment of some sort.

These southern monogram wreaths can include flowers or foliage. However, some options are just a plain wooden base with a ribbon to accent.

They’re simple, and rustic looking, which is perfect for an entryway.

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A monogram embellishment or wreath with initial in the middle, like the ones above, are a classic choice. You get the best of both decorations: the look of a wreath, with a monogram to complement.

Letter Wreaths

With these options, the frame of the decoration is actually shaped like the letter. That means the whole decoration is the monogram, and not just a small part of it.

This is a much better option if you want a bold front door initial.

You can also use them to highlight a certain word. Just hang multiple wreaths, to spell out anything you want. Words like love and home are always cute choices.



The main downside to these is that there’s a limited selection. It’s hard to find options that are not just foliage, or that utilize different types of foliage.

Everything done in this style tends to be green boxwood, twigs, or moss. These options aren’t bad, in fact they look great on a plain background, but they’re certainly not for everyone.

DIY Monogram Wreath Ideas

If you’re not finding an option that suits you, why not make your own?

Wooden letters are both cheap and easy to find. They’re usually in the craft section of your local big box store, or just at your local craft store. And most options can be bought for less than a dollar.

The other supplies you might need can usually be found for cheap as well. Some of them can even be found at the dollar store!

For example, here’s a great tutorial for how to make a moss monogram for cheap:

DIY projects like these give you a lot more control over what you want your monogram to be. It also makes it easier to find letters that aren’t used as commonly, or to spell out something specific. Plus you can paint or decorate them however you want.

They’re fairly easy to attach as well. You can hot glue them onto the base, attach them with ribbon, or hang them from the center. To put more than one letter together, you can glue their sides.

With that, you can use whatever sort of base you want. If you already have a decoration you like, you can simply add it as an embellishment, versus buying something new.

You can also embellish plain foliage or twig bases easily. This works great with letter frames, since they’re usually sold without flowers or other additions. As such, they’re the perfect blank canvas.

A Note About Shopping

When shopping for this type of decoration online, it’s important to pay attention to the listings. Oftentimes, the listing will only contain a specific letter. That means you’ll have to find the listing that shows the letter you need.

If you have a specific product in mind, the easiest way to do this is to go through any similar listing. Even if it’s not the letter you want, the listing will link out to other letters for that product. You can also click on the shop or manufacturer’s page, to see what else they offer.

Another option is to search for your specific letter. Just keep in mind that the search may not pull up every product available for that letter. That’s why it may be better to go straight to the manufacturer or shop page.

Personalizing Your Space

Monograms and letters are great for their potential. With them, you can create perfectly individualized decor.

And you can even personalize them further by adding in a DIY element. With this, you can personalize whatever you want, however you want.

So if you’re looking for a new way to claim your space, try wreaths for door with initials.

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