Wheat Wreath

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Find the perfect, rustic accent for your home with these wreath wreath options. These decorations are the perfect charming touch for any interior.

For more options, check out our guide on decorative wreaths for indoors.

Wheat Wreath Meaning

You may be wondering why such a simple decoration is so popular. While these do have their own aesthetic strengths, the meaning is also very important.

The general symbolism of this plant is abundance. It’s associated with harvest time, so having a lot of it implies a good harvest, and surplus.

Related to that, it’s also a symbol of charity. The implication is that, out of that abundance, you give where it’s needed. In that way, you’re sharing your bounty and helping others.

Obviously, it’s great to have a symbol of both meanings either on your entryway, or in your home.


If you’re looking for a good option for these decorations, try one of these:

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How to Style These Options

If you’re not sure how to use these options, don’t worry! They’re actually really versatile decorations.

That said, they’re best when paired with country looks. That’s because they have a very rustic feel, and strong associations with agricultural life.

They’re also dried plants, so keep that in mind when styling. Again, dried florals have a rustic feel, so they look best when paired with other rustic elements.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use these with modern interiors.

To adapt them to a modern look, choose a simpler option. Something without too many embellishments will blend in well with your décor.

Adding them into modern or minimal spaces helps to promote a warmer, cozier feel. So it’s worth considering.

Another option for these decorations is to consider them as seasonal decorations. Traditionally, due to their associations with harvest times, these are fall decorations.

As such, they’re perfect for use throughout autumn, and especially around Thanksgiving.

Other Decorating Ideas

Another great thing about these decorations is how easy they are to embellish.

Although some options come with flowers and embellishments, most options are relatively plain. That means you can add whatever embellishments you want.

For example, to make the perfect fall option, add in some pumpkins and pine cones. Or, for a year-round option, add in a bow, or a cute welcome sign.

They’re great options if you want a base that you can personalize.

And if you can’t find an option you like, try making one instead. Here’s a great DIY wheat wreath tutorial:

This tutorial is perfect because it shows the proper technique, as well as a few clever tricks.

For even more ideas, you can also check out tutorials like these:

Choosing Your Decorations

Regardless of whether you’re using this option seasonally or year-round, it’s a great choice.

For one, it’s a versatile option, capable of fitting a number of different styles. That means you can work it into just about any interior, without it clashing too much with your décor.

But they also have a really important meaning. They represent abundance, both for yourself, and for others. During the holidays especially, this is a nice symbol to have in a doorway or entryway.

So if you’re looking for a functional, meaningful decoration, try one of these. A wheat wreath is the perfect addition to any cozy home.

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