Unique Front Door Wreaths

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If you’re tired of the same old styles, check out these ideas for unique front door wreaths. Options like these are the perfect way to do something fresh and fun with your decorations.

Here are some unexpected ways you can change up your wreaths:

Unexpected Embellishments

One option is to embrace interesting embellishments. The typical embellishments are either holiday themed, or flowers. There’s a lot a variety, but not really a ton of variation in what you can use.

Enter fruits. These are a fun way to dress up a foliage or twig base for any season. Things like limes, lemons, and berries are all popular choices. Although you can certainly go with other options, like strawberries or even watermelon slices.

You can also go with complex embellishments. Things like initials, wooden signs, and interchangeable elements are fun for any time of year.

Just remember to keep everything artificial, since real fruit probably wouldn’t last too long. Regardless, fruit makes for a fun addition to any summer or spring décor.

spring-fruit-wreathValery Madelyn

What’s also great about this option is that you’re getting the best of both worlds. By all accounts, the foliage and twig base of an option like the one above, is fairly traditional. And yet, it has that fun pop of color and interest with the fruits.

In that sense, this is a better option for anyone who wants something unique, but not necessarily unusual. You can shake things up, without having to stray too far from the familiar.

Unexpected Foliage

For something that’s both trendy and different, why not try succulents?

These foliage plants are very different from their typical counterparts. Rather than flat leaves, these plants have thicker, juicer foliage. That’s because they use the space there to store water.

It gives them a very distinct, full look. They also come in a variety of colors and shapes, some of which look like large blossoms. So regardless of your preferences, there’s probably a succulent plant to match.

When it comes to decor, the typical form for these is to use them as a plain base, with no embellishment. That means there’s no additional flowers or decorations on top.


What results is a fairly clean, and modern look, even when there’s rustic touches. The option above has a rustic twig base, and yet the look of the succulents gives it a more contemporary feel.

You can take things even more modern if you want, by doing a wire frame instead. There are plenty of geometric wire frames available for any kind of wreath-making. With these, you can also keep the frame showing, by concentrating the succulents into just one area.


The other great thing about an option like this is that it’s easy to do as a DIY project. Fake succulents are largely made of plastic, so they’re easy to handle. All you have to do is hot glue them onto the frame or base of your choice, and then you’re done!

It’s a much simple process than the one for fake flowers. In fact, this is probably a great project if you’re new to wreath-making and want to try it out.

Unexpected Themes

Another way to shake up your traditional decor, is by choosing an unexpected theme. One unusual but still popular choice is to go coastal.

Coastal or nautical themed wreaths are a great alternative to the usual summer decor. If you live on or near the coastline, you can also use them as a year-round decoration.

With these options, you don’t usually see a lot of foliage or floral elements. Instead, the entire thing is made of twigs and things that you can find at the beach. This includes shells, sea creatures, and any other nautical favorites.

For color schemes, things like blue, white, coral, and sea green are all popular. Basically, if it makes you think of a summer day on the boardwalk, then the color is probably all right.

Boston International Decorative Front Door/Wall Wreath, 23-Inches, Down by The SeaCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


This nautical front door wreath features an array of blue and white sea creatures. Both the color scheme and the embellishments give it that great beachy vibe.

As you can see, it’s a fairly easy aesthetic to implement. Like succulents, these wreaths are also easy to DIY at home.

Like fake succulents, a lot of the embellishments you’ll be using are easy to hot glue in place. All you need to do then, is find the right base, and then you’re good to go! White twig bases are the most popular, although you can certainly take this style in a different direction.

Unexpected Materials

If you want to do something truly different, why not skip the plants altogether? Most of the examples listed above still have some sort of foliage or floral element. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you need something that’s both durable and fun, skip the twigs and artificial plants altogether. Go with completely different materials instead, like metal or wood.

Taking this idea further, you can use pretty much whatever you want as your base. Glass, stone, fabric, and even shoes, can be glued on a frame.

These ideas are certainly unconventional, but they work. In fact, if your entryway doesn’t have some sort of overhang, these materials may be preferable. They’re more capable of standing up to direct sunlight and the elements.

Changing up the material also gives you more room for creativity. You can use whatever you want for your decor, versus having to stick to what’s seasonally appropriate or traditional. With some creativity and skill, anything can work.

Having Fun with Your Decor

The key to having decor that you love, is choosing what speaks to you. Don’t let yourself get trapped in what’s common or expected. Instead, embrace your personal style, wherever that leads you.

The same is true even for traditional decorations, like wreaths. While these decorations have a lot of conventional designs, you don’t have to stick to those. You can shake up the embellishments, themes, foliage choices, and even materials.

Because of that, it’s easy to make something that’s personalized to your tastes. So try some unique front door wreaths and make your space perfect for you.

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