Square Wreaths for Front Door

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If you want to decorate with something different, try one of these square wreaths for front door options. These trendy decorations are the perfect way to shake up your entryway.

A Unique Shape

What’s fun about this shape is that’s it the exact opposite of the traditional circle. It’s one of many options, like hearts and initials, that allow you to play with different look.

That visual difference automatically makes these a dramatic choice. They seem more modern or contemporary, even though they’re not really that different from a traditional option.

In fact, they tend to have more similarities than differences. You have the same sort of frames, and the usual foliage and flower choices. It really is just the shape that changes.

Foliage Bases

One of the other important aspects of these is that they tend to come with foliage only. That means it’s just the base of the wreath, without any flowers or embellishments.

That’s not to say that you can’t get options with flowers, etc. However plain bases are more common.

If you’re interested in either style, here’s what you need to know:

Plain Square Wreath Base

Oftentimes, buying a decoration like this without any flowers or embellishments seems silly. After all, aren’t all those additional elements the point?

However, a foliage base on its own can also be a decoration. In fact, it may even be preferable.

square-boxwood-wreath Square Boxwood Wreath

These make a great addition to any minimalist or modern space. They’re very simple overall, so you can count on them blending in with your existing decor.

They also add a much-needed touch of greenery. This is especially true for modern decor, which tends to focus on lighter color schemes. Having that nice pop of nature on your wall give the space a little color and warmth.

One practical benefit is that these also tend to be more suited for outdoor use. Since they don’t have fabric flowers or delicate embellishments on them, these decorations can withstand harsher conditions.

This is especially true of an option like the one listed above, which is mostly made of plastic. Since the materials are more durable, options like these are better if you have an entry way that’s exposed. With these, you won’t have to worry as much about rain and sun light.

(Although placing your decorations in a covered area is always better. Any exposure, over long periods of time, can cause damage.)

The other benefit of buying a plain base is that it’s a blank canvas.



With an option like this one, you can make whatever sort of wreath you want. You can make them personalized, or interchangeable, or even just traditional.

Rather than creating an outdoor wreath from the frame up, you’re giving yourself a head start. That simplifies the process, leaving you with just flowers and embellishments left to attach. This is why plain bases are the ideal choice for anyone who is new to wreath-making.

A fir base like the one above is perfect for making any sort of holiday decoration. It’s a budget friendly option that also happens to be a fun family project.

Decorated Bases

Of course, not everyone is crafty. If you want something more decorative, but don’t want to add embellishments by hands, there are some options.

This frame shape tends to come with less embellishments regardless, but there are some pre-decorated options available.

Options that will work for Christmas are the most commonly decorated ones.

square-winter-wreathBerries and Pine Cones

If you’re not really into decorating for the holidays, these can work as seasonal options too. You can leave them up from the end of October, into January, depending on whether or not you like fall decor.

Products like the one above are perfect for this because they’re not heavily embellished. All of the additions are natural elements, which makes it a more general option.

For the other months in the year, a different foliage option is preferable.

square-succulent-wreathSquare Succulent Wreath

A succulent option like this one is that perfect blend between a plain base and an embellished one.

It’s got plenty of greenery, and no decorative additions. However, the succulents mimic flowers, creating a focal point in the corner. And the foliage selection is diverse, giving it a bit more visual interest.

It has just the right pop of color as well, around the succulents. Altogether, this makes the piece seem more decorative than those that just have uniform color and foliage.

Hanging Unique Frames

Although the frame has a different shape, you can hang it the same way you would any other decoration.

For an entryway, that usually means some type of adhesive hook, or a proper hanger.

Most options with this shape are hung so that they look like a box. But that’s certainly not the only way to hang these. Don’t forget that you can turn the shape to do a diamond instead.

Hip and Square

If you haven’t already, consider trying these trendy decorations. They’re perfect if you’ve ever wanted to try a wreath, but aren’t a fan of the traditional aesthetic.

The main downside to options in this style is that they tend to be plainer. Typically, which this type of decoration, you would expect plenty of embellishments. However, a simpler design has its benefits.

For one, it’s more suited to modern or contemporary designs. It’s also makes these a great base if you want to try embellishing on your own.

So if you want to do something a little different, try square wreaths for front door options in your entryway.

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