Decorate your entry way with split wreaths for double doors. These unique options are the perfect way to make hanging decorations in your entryway easier.

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What is a double door wreath?

Split, or double door wreaths, are uniquely designed to fit entryways that have not one, but two doors. These entryways, sometimes known as French doors, can be tricky to decorate.


You want to decorate the doorway fully, but you can’t have anything getting in the way. And in most cases, you’ll need larger than average decorations in order to fit the extra wide entryway.

That’s where split options come in. They look like one, large decoration, but they’re actually two separate halves. That way you can open each half of the doorway separately, without issue.

It’s a style that’s unique to wreaths, and perfect if you want something that will work with your entryway.

The downside is that these options are rare. Because of that, there’s not a lot of variety in terms of size, design, or even price.

On top of that, most options you can find are specifically designed for Christmas. They’re made of evergreen, and have lights and other seasonally appropriate decorations. If you’re looking for something for spring or summer, you may not find one.

To that end, sometimes the best option is to make it yourself.

How do you make a split wreath?

There are a two main options for making a split decoration:

DIY Split Wreath

The first is to start form the ground up. For this method, you can purchase a frame, or a plain base, and simply cut it in half.

Foam is obviously the easiest frame to work with, because it’s the easiest material to cut. All you need is a craft saw or similar implement to slice through it.

It’s versatile and light weight as well. It’s also cheap and easy to get in larger sizes. Because of that, it’s a good choice if you’re a beginner, or want a simple DIY.

Wire is trickier to work with, but it’s a sturdier, more durable option. For this material, you need a solid pair of bolt cutters. This will allow you to clip the wire in half.

Twig bases are the most difficult option to use. You can saw through them, however, it’s messy and not exact. You also risk snapping the twigs or branches in other places besides the cut you want to make.

Once you have your frame picked out and cut, all that’s left to do is decorate the two halves. You can add whatever flowers, foliage and embellishments you want. Just try to keep both halves coordinated.

Cutting a Wreath in Half

The easier, but somewhat trickier, method is to simply cut an existing decoration in half.

This method actually works with most decorations. Just make sure you’re not using one that’s pre-lit.

For wire frames, all you need is a pair of quality bolt cutters. These will allow you to sperate the frame into halves.

Here’s a great video to walk you through the process:

Just be aware that this can cause some of the foliage, and flowers to fall off. In some cases, these items are attached in bunches and secured to the frame with a single wire wrapped around. If you cut that wire, all of those bunches will become loose.

If the decoration utilized glue, or if it had the flowers and foliage attached individually, then it’s not an issue.

In the case that something does become loose, you can always glue it or tie it back on. Floral wire is very easy to work with. All you have to do is re-secure it to the frame.

Foam frames are much easier to cut, however they have their own complications.

When cutting, you’ll need to watch out for any stems that may be pierced through the foam. In most cases, flowers and embellishments are glued on top. However, some will be attached to wires or stems that go through the foam.

If any of them get in your way, you can trim or cut them with wire cutters.

You may also want to have some extra foliage or flowers on hand, to help disguise the white foam core. It won’t’ stand out when the door way is closed, but it will be visible when the doorway is open. Gluing a bit of foliage of flower petals there will disguise it without interfering with the two halves coming together.

This isn’t really necessary though. It’s just for if you’re feeling extra picky about the aesthetic.

Regardless of the frame material, the point is just to be careful when cutting. You want to check the stability of the various embellishments before and after you make your cut.

You won’t always be able to tell if you’re cutting through something important. However, when identified, problems are easy to fix.

How to Hang Wreaths on Double Doors

Hanging up these decorations isn’t that different from hanging up their more traditional counterparts. You’ll just have to double everything you would normally use.

As with other decorations, the material of the frame helps dictate which methods work best.

For wire or branch frames, adhesive hooks are best. These help you hang things securely, without damaging your doorway.

You can use two on each half, with one hook at the top, and one near the center.

With wire frames, they have some wires that run horizontally, as supports for the frame. These are the best places to rest on the hooks.

With twig or branch frames, just work the hooks in-between the twigs.

For foam frames, the process is trickier. Since the frames are solid, the best option is to use hooks, and insert them into the frame.

One thing to note is that a proper, over the door wreath hanger won’t work the same as it would for regular decorations. These allow decorations to hang freely, which isn’t an issue if you’re working with something circular. However, for semi-circles, this can cause them to swing and fall off every time the doorway is used.

With some wire frames this won’t be an issue, since the wire can help secure it. However, they’ll still swing about, which can get annoying.

Alternative Options

As you can tell, split options have their own sets of issues and complications. Because of that, they may not be for everyone.

If you’re interested in doing something simpler, the easiest option is to go with two separate decorations. Hanging a pair of decorations, one for each door, is much easier to implement. You can even hang them with matching door hangers, for maximum ease.

Of course, buying two decorations at once can get a pricey, especially if they don’t already come in a set.

Luckily, there are tons of great, affordable options. And since you’ll have two of them in the doorway, you can get away with using a smaller option. When paired together, they’ll still look bold enough for larger entryways.

Another alternative is to utilize garland instead. While garland lacks the traditional shape, it has all the same basic elements. You’re getting a foliage base upon which you can add in whatever embellishments you want.

You can also lay garland however you like. You can outline the doorway for example, or create shapes.

The downside to garlands is that they tend to be made only for the holiday season. It will be difficult to find a good option for summer.

It also takes more work to hang up, so consider that before you go with this option.

The Perfect Decoration

While they do have issues, split wreaths do have their benefits. They provide a dramatic statement, for one. A large wreath centered across French doors is a look that can’t be matched. It’s also still easier to use than alternatives like garland.

Of course, finding the right one can be tricky. Most options are made for Christmas. And even amongst those, there’s not a lot of variety.

If you can’t find one you like, making your own is the next best method. You can cut an existing decoration in half. Or, consider making your own from the frame up!

Either way, these decorations are certainly the most unique option for wider entryways. If you’re redecorating, give split wreaths for double doors a try.