Seasonal Wreath for Front Door Options

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Find the right decoration for your home with these seasonal wreaths for front door or entryways. As decor, these are easy to install, but make a dramatic statement. It’s the perfect way to welcome someone into your home, no matter what time of year.

What is a Seasonal Wreath?

Like the name suggests, these are decorations that are best suited for a particular season. That means you’ll be displaying them for only three to four months out of the year.

While that’s not as practical as a year-round option, it still has its benefits. What makes these options great is how suited they are to their seasons. As a decorative choice, it gives you space a much more celebratory feeling, regardless of the time of year.

Décor for Every Season

If you’re looking for an option that you can use during a specific time of year, here are some great choices. With each, they’re specific to a season, but still fairly general. That means they’re easy to incorporate into your existing decor.

Here are some options to consider:


spring-wreath-for-front-doorCoral Tulip Wreath

Spring is the season of blooms and pastels. During this season, flowers are at their peak, so a good wreath is one that captures all of that life and beauty. Bulb flowers, in particular, are fitting, since they only bloom during this season.

That’s why, for a classic choice, this tulip bloom option is perfect. It’s made up entirely of tulip blooms, and their foliage, which is synonymous with spring.

The color selection is also ready for spring. It’s a mix of light pastels, with some good contrast added in. The white, pink, and green work well together to create a lot of visual interest.

Of course, you can absolutely go for something more unique should you choose.

Functionally, the biggest concern for this option is rain. It’s not going to withstand large amounts of water, so you need to take that into account.

If you are using it outdoors, it’s best placed under a porch. Specifically, you’ll need a porch with a large overhang, so that no rain reaches the front door.

Apart from that slight limitation, this beautiful option is ready for spring.


summer-wreath-for-front-door24 Inch Wreath

The goal of summer is bright, bold choices. This season is when growth is at its heights. Plants are starting to fruit, and larger blooms are in season.

To match that, this full peony wreath is a gorgeous option.

Despite the bold florals, this option still has a slight minimal touch. The twig base is very thin, leaving the flowers and other additions to have more of a floating appearance. It’s not heavy on foliage either, giving it a slightly more open look.

It’s also a fairly large option, measuring twenty-four inches at its widest point. As such, it’s ideal if you want a dramatic addition to any door.


maple-leaves-fall-wreathMaple Leaves

The harvest theme of this wreath is perfect for the fall months, into winter. It’s got everything fall, including orange maple leaves, squash, and pumpkins. It’s even got cotton bolls, which are traditional harvested in late summer to fall.

The color scheme, combined with the embellishments gives it a great, harvest-time aesthetic. It’s also got a rustic flair, since you can see the twig base from behind the leaves.

Another strong point of this option is the white-tipped pine cones. This touch of frost makes this a good option for transitioning into the colder months.

The only potential downside to this option is that the base the wreath is built around is very compact. This will make it harder to hang depending on what method you’re using.

As such, try to stick to a wreath hanger, since this will be the easiest method. You can also use string or ribbon.


The best part of about winter decor is that you have endless options.

For this time of year, you can always go with a traditional Christmas option. Fresh evergreen wreaths in particular, are popular this time of year.

However, there are also tons of great winter themed options. These are better if you want something that you can use throughout the season, and not just during the holidays.

Here’s one great option to consider:

winter-wreath-front-doorWinter Wreaths

This option has all the embellishments you would expect from this season. The combination of pine, pine cones, and berries is a classic.

The cotton bolls are a little out of season, however they work as a part of the design. They add a nice white, fluffy element which is popular for winter.

The main downside to this option is that it’s a bit messy. Any time you purchase a wreath with flocking, glitter, or fake snow, expect a mess. While those materials are pretty, they don’t always stick well.

With this in mind, just prepare before you unpack your wreath. You can lay down a trash back or some newspaper to try and contain the mess when getting it out of the packaging.

It’s also good to have some sort of layer underneath when you fluff it out. Fluffing the wreath will require you touch and manipulate the different elements. Naturally, this will create more mess.

But the slight mess aside, this option is ideal if you want one that’s appropriate for winter, and not just the holidays.

Making the Most of Your Décor

Whether indoors or outside, these options are perfect for hanging up around your home. And since they’re artificial, you know you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.

The key to getting the most life out of your décor, is to make sure that you treat it well.

Luckily, hanging and caring for artificial floral arrangements is easy. For hanging, just make sure you’re using a method that can support the weight of your decoration.

And when it comes time to clean it, just make sure you’re being careful. In most cases, artificial flowers don’t really required chemicals when cleaning.

By hanging and cleaning your option properly, you can ensure that you’ll be enjoying it for many seasons to come.

That’s why purchasing seasonal wreaths for front door is a great choice for your home.

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