Purple and Silver Christmas Wreaths

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Add a unique touch to your holiday decorations with purple and silver Christmas wreaths. This colorful combo is the perfect way to change up your festive décor.

(For more ideas, you can check out our decorative indoor wreaths guide.)

This color may seem like a strange one to work into your seasonal decorations, but it’s actually very fitting.

Traditionally, violet, magenta, and other shades were associated with royalty and wealth. That’s because it was a rare pigment that was considered a luxury.

As such, it fits in perfectly with the pomp and festivities of the holiday season. Particularly if you enjoy glam styles.

In modern times the color is more accessible, but just as popular. In fact, soft lavender is the current trendy color.

Dark or light, it also pairs well with all metallics, making it an excellent choice for the holidays.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find options with this particular combination.

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Since this color scheme is among the more unique, there aren’t a lot of options available. You can certainly find ones, but they tend to use the colors as an accent.

If you want something really bold, it will be difficult to find. In that case, the best alternative is to simply make your own.

DIY Purple Wreath Ideas

Designing your own option is actually fairly easy.

To start, you’ll need a base. Getting a plain evergreen wreath is the easiest option. However, you can also go with a tinsel base, or a metallic foliage base. (You can make a base as well, but it’s much easier to purchase one.)

From there, you can add on whatever embellishments you want.

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For holiday decorations, sticking to options like ornaments and bows is popular. Ornaments are also easy to use, since they’re already designed to be hung on foliage.

But you can get into other options well. There’s plenty of holiday plants like poinsettias and berries that come in a wide variety of colors. You can also decorate with deco mesh, strips of ribbon, or tinsel.

(If you’re not sure how to attach embellishments, you can check out our guide.)

You can even try making a base entirely out of ornaments. This is a popular style, especially during the holidays, and it’s fairly easy to make.

The benefit of making or decorating one yourself is that it opens up so many more possibilities. You don’t have to stick to the limited options available.

And since there’s so many different embellishments out there, you can really go big on this color scheme.

Festive Colors

Coordinating this color in with your other holiday decorations may seem daunting. But it actually works well with a number of traditional color schemes.

The metallics help out with this. All those silver accents will help it blend with any white or blue décor.

So while this color scheme is unconventional, it’s a great option. It looks good, and pairs perfectly with a variety of holiday decorations.

Try purple and silver Christmas wreaths and do something different with your decorations this holiday season.

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