Pink Wreath Bow

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Add the perfect embellishment to your next project with a pink wreath bow. These adorable options make for a cute finishing touch.

There are tons of different styles of ribbon available. You can get different materials, finishes, widths, and more. Here are some popular options to choose from.

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DIY Wreath Ideas

If you’re making a decoration or just adding your own embellishments, there’s tons of ways to use this color.

Of course, Valentine’s Day is the holiday that most people would have in mind. It’s a great option to pair with white or red for a celebratory decoration.

But you can use this color with other events as well. For example, it’s also a perfect choice for Easter. It would pair well with other festive embellishments like eggs, bunnies, or crosses. Using it to decorate for a baby shower is another fun option.

Outside of specific occasions, Spring is the go-to season for this color. Most options are done in light pastels, which is ideal for Spring. You can use them to contrast popular Spring florals as well, such as green or blue hydrangeas, or yellow daffodils.

As far as materials go, rustic looking options are perfect for the season. Burlap and linen are good options if you’re going for a country feel. You can also go with patterns like gingham, plaid, or buffalo check.

Of course, if rustic isn’t you’re preferred aesthetic, there are other options. Choose something in satin or organza instead. You can even get a touch of glam by using an option with metallic accents.


If you want to use this color outside of spring, try going for bolder options. For example, hot pink would make a great accent to a summer decoration.

Making Your Own

If you can’t find an option that you like, try making one yourself.

There’s such a large variety of ribbon available, that you should be able to find on in the exact shade and material you want.

Just be sure to pick up ribbon that is reinforced with wires. This will make it easier to work with. It also allows you to shape it easily, when you have it in place.

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Making your own be tricky if you’ve never done it before. But there are tons of great tutorials out there. You can find one for just about any style of embellishment you want.

Here’s a great one that details a few different options. (Check towards the end for this specific color.)

Cute Embellishments

Although you don’t have to use ribbon on your decorations, it is the traditional option. There’s something about the way that ribbon complements flowers that makes it the ideal choice.

The way this particular color contrasts with green makes it a particularly good option. You already know that it will look good with foliage of all sorts.

It’s best suited for Spring, however you can use it any time of year, when styled properly.

And if you can’t find an option you like, don’t forget that are tons of ways to make your own!

Overall, a pink wreath bow is a great embellishment for any decoration.

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