Nautical Front Door Wreaths that are Perfect for any Coastal Decor Lover

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Bring the beach home with nautical front door wreaths. These gorgeous coastal decorations are the perfect option for anyone who would rather be sunbathing on the sand.

Features of this Style

It may come as a surprise, but coastal style is most closely related to rustic or traditional. That’s because all three tend to emphasize bolder textures and natural elements.

With coastal, the distinguishing factor is how it incorporates actual items that you’d find on the beach. For example, driftwood, shells, sand, and coral are all popular choices.

Color selection should have a similar, natural vibe. Colors like seafoam green, blue, coral, and sand are perfect. Pair these pops of color with plenty of white to brighten up your space.

Great Nautical Front Door Wreaths

If you want to add some of this style to your home, remember it’s key features. By sticking to the right colors and materials, you’ll be able to find you’re perfect option.

Here are some suggestions to help you out:

Beach Themed Color Palettes

One of the features of this style is its coastal color palettes. As much as possible, you want to stick to ocean or tropical themed color selections. That means plenty of warm neutrals, with soft pinks, reds, blues, or greens for contrast.



This decoration is the perfect example. Most of the shells are off-white, or brown toned. However, there are plenty of hints of red and pink throughout. The colors blend so well together that it almost has a monochromatic feel.

With any decoration, this is a good model to follow. Start with a white or off-white base, and then add in a beach or tropical themed color for contrast.

Sea Creatures and Ocean Motifs

Be sure to include plenty of cute sea creatures and other ocean motifs as well. Things like starfish, shells, sand dollars, and more are popular. You can also go with natural materials, like sand and driftwood.

If you want something a little more elegant and glam, pearls and sea glass are some great alternatives.

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Beach Materials

Materials are a big thing to emphasize. Wood, canvas, and rattan are all materials that you would usually see at the beach. That’s why they’re commonly seen in coastal decorations.

Umbrellas and tropical plant motifs are popular for the same reason. Items like these also give off the vibe of relaxation, so they’re nice to have displayed in your living space.

There are also plenty of fun boating items to choose from. Lifebuoys, maritime signal flags, and ropes are all popular choices.

Bringing the Beach Home With You

The key to finding the right coastal option is to consider what it means to you, and how it will fit into your decor.

You need to start with your own coastal associations first. Are you more about the beach lifestyle, with its colorful aesthetic and emphasis on relaxation, or do you have a love for the beach as an environment? Or maybe you just really like the aesthetics involved with boating or yachting!

Regardless, starting with your personal definition of coastal will help make the decision easy. Choose an option that carries the right symbolism and motifs. From there, all you have to do is find an option that matches your existing decor, and then you’re done!

Of course, you may be left without an option that matches your exact vision, or your budget. If that’s the case, don’t worry. Decorations are easy to make once you know how.

All you have to do is purchase a frame or base, and then add on the decorations that you want. Most of the items mentioned above can be purchased in larger quantities for crafts. That makes it easy to style your ideal option.

Overall, coastal designs are fun and colorful. They can be rustic, modern, or anything in between as well, which makes them perfect for just about anyone.

If you’re looking to bring the beach home with you, why not try some coastal decor? A nautical front door wreath is the perfect way to establish your home as an extension of coastal living.

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