Metal Wreaths for Front Door

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Try out something new for you entryway with metal wreaths for front door. These options are a beautiful, durable way to decorate any doorway.

This material may seem like an unusual choice for these decorations, but it works surprisingly well. In fact, the designs, colors, and overall aesthetic isn’t that far off from more traditional options.

And for more ideas, you can check out our front door wreaths guide.

Metal Front Door Decorations

If you’re interested in trying out this material, check out these great options:

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Despite the limitations of the material, there’s actually a wide variety of styles available.

One of the most popular is to go with a modern metal wreath. These have a more minimal aesthetic, with less color and detail. For example, they may only feature foliage, like leaves and vines.

But if you’re interested in something bright and colorful, there are great options for that as well. Metal seems restrictive in it’s color choices; however, there’s a wide range of choices.

You can go for a more saturated look, with bright reds and greens. These options work well with plain, or light-colored entryways.

There are also pastel options, for anyone who likes a softer touch. These options will pop well against a dark doorway. They’re also particularly suited to the spring season.

The designs on the wreaths have a similar range. As previously mentioned, there are some great, minimal, options that suit modern and industrial tastes.

On the opposite end, there are options that have just as much embellishment as a traditional wreath. They come with flowers, foliage, berries, and birds. Some options even come with welcome signs.

The way the metal is used also changes. While some options are mostly flat, other have raised, curled, and twisted elements. This gives the design a bit more variety, which is perfect if you want something more elaborate.

Pros and Cons

If you’re considering these decorations, you may be wondering what sets them apart from traditional, artificial flower options.

Actually, these options are fairly similar. They can be used the same way, and for the same purpose. And they don’t look substantially different, in terms of design.

The main differences are practical things, like durability and price. Here’s a breakdown of some of the pros and cons for these decorations:


The major benefit of these options is that they’re durable. The materials is hardy, and can withstand the elements better than the fabric, plastic, and wood of traditional options.

Just be sure to check the information of whatever option you choose. Some options have been treated, and are therefore fit for outdoor use, while others have not. Options that can’t be used outdoors are better used as metal wreath wall decor.

Depending on the option you get, they’re also suitable for year-round use. A plain silver option, for example, will work for any season.


Despite their benefits, there are a few downsides to this material.

The main one is price. This material isn’t cheap, and the price reflects that. You can certainly find cheaper options, but once you get below forty dollars, there are a lot less options.

But to be fair, you’ll be paying a lot for a quality decoration, regardless of what it’s made of. High prices aren’t unique to this particular material.

Another important downside to consider is hanging them. Larger, more elaborate options are going to weigh a lot. For a doorway, that can be a tricky feature to work with.

Your best options is to use multiple hooks or nails. You can also try an over the door hanger that’s rated to a heavy weight.

Smaller ones shouldn’t have any issues. Just be sure to check the weight on the product information to see if you can work with it.

A Unusual Material

Although this may not be the first material people think of for these decorations, it works well.
It’s durable, and comes in a vareity of beautiful styles, from the minimal to the dramatic.

So give metal wreaths for front door a try, and add something new to your entryway.

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