Magnolia Wreaths for Front Door

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These magnolia wreaths for front door are a beautiful way to decorate your entryway. These full, striking options show off all that this trendy flower has to offer.

What is a Magnolia?

If you’re not familiar with this plant, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.

If you’ve never seen one before, these flowers and foliage actually come from a tree. These trees tend to be synonymous with the American South, but they grow well into the northeast.

The leaves are thick and shiny, and also have two different colors. The tops are a dark green, while the bottoms are a brownish orange.

Just the foliage is already pretty, but the blooms in particular are stunning. They’re comprised of just a few large, stark-white petals, that fan out as the flower blossoms.


But just how did this tree become so popular?

In part, this tree owes its popularity to another recent trend: farmhouse style. The return to the more traditional looks of farmhouse style have created a demand for all things quaint and country.

But don’t let the trends restrict you. The flowers and foliage of these trees blend well with a number of designs, and seasons. This versatility makes them a great choice for any decor enthusiast.

If you’re interested in checking out these popular trees, here are two great options to consider:

Plain Foliage Base


It’s hard not to immediately get captivated by an option like this one.

The leaves are extremely detailed, beyond what you would typically expect for artificial foliage. The color and texture are both spot on, making this one of the most realistic options available.

For any foliage, this would be preferable, but it’s especially so for these leaves. They have such a distinct look, that it’s important for them to be recreated properly. Without the right look, it renders the whole thing pointless.

Unfortunately, this option is just the foliage.

While they did put effort into making sure the foliage is quality, there aren’t any flowers.

For some people, this is a definite downside, but it has its own benefits. The major one is that it’s the perfect base for adding your own embellishments. You can use it as a year-round base, and simply switch up the embellishments for the season.

It’s also a good choice if you just happen to prefer foliage. Without the addition of flowers, it has a much more rustic and minimal appeal. And this option just happens to be thick and full enough to look good on its own

Floral Option

magnolia-wreaths-for-front-doorFlowers and Foliage

If you want a more traditional look, an option like this one would be a better choice.

This option includes both the blossoms and the foliage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same attention to detail as the previous option.

It is, however, a better choice if you want something more complete. With this one, you can simply buy it and hang it. There’s no need to fuss with purchasing and attaching any embellishments—unless, of course, you want to.

Adding to that completeness is the fact that they’ve included some other touches, like different foliage and flowers. It does take away from the main flowers, but it’s still pretty.

This is also a fairly versatile choice. You could use it from spring to fall, without it looking out of place. It could also work in winter, but it would best if you attached some holiday embellishments.

A Beautiful Trend

While these trendy trees are certainly beautiful, one of their best traits is their versatility.

Since the flowers are white, they work well for just about every season. The foliage as well, is suitable for any time of year. And both make enough of a statement that you can use them on their own, without additional embellishments.

That means you don’t have to choose. Whether you prefer foliage bases, or gorgeous floral options, there’s a decoration to fit.

They also happen to work with a wide range of styles. Whether you want something classic and country, or minimalist and modern, this tree will fit.

So if you’re interested in something that’s trendy and easy to style, try any magnolia wreaths for front door option.

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