Macrame Wreath

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Add some charm to your home with a macramé wreath. These options are the perfect way to make any space feel a little cozier.

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If you’re not familiar, this particular craft works by tying ropes or textiles into a series of knots and braids. These are put together to allow you to form different shapes and patterns.

It’s similar to knitting and crocheting, although you don’t need needles. Because of that, it’s a popular DIY option, even for people to who are beginner crafters.

There’s a lot of different décor options to choose from with this technique as well. The most popular ones are things like tapestries, which you can easily hang on your wall.

When it comes to purchasing these decorations, there are tons of great options.

Macrame Hoop Wreath

For a more traditional look, options like these are great. They keep the same shape and simplicity that you would expect from these decorations.

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Another popular style is to use the technique to add extra embellishment to a typical hoop wreath.

With this style, you have all the elements of a hoop wreath, including flowers and foliage. However, there are some added tapestry elements, usually with extra rope hanging down.

These are great because you’re getting the best of both decorations.

These options also tend to have a very minimal vibe. They’re more subtle, so they’re great if you just want an accent on your wall, versus a focal point.

They also work well if you want something to add a bit of charm and warmth to a modern space.

Macrame Mandala

If you prefer more intricate designs, you can go with something more like a mandala. These complex, repeating patterns are a favorite for this particular craft.

There are also a lot of options designed to look like dreamcatchers. These have a similar aesthetic, but tend to be more minimal.

Both options keep the general ring shape, but eschew the usual flowers and foliage. Instead, the highlight of these options is the knotting and braiding of the textiles.

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The design of these makes up for the lack of other embellishments. And the use of textiles gives it bit more visual weight, like a traditional floral option. That way they can stand alone, or be used as an accent.

DIY Ideas

Once you get the hang of the technique, these decorations are actually easy to make. All you need is a gold wreath ring, a rope or textile of your choice, and then you can begin.

If you need some inspiration, check out this heart pattern, multi color option:

This is a cute option, and the fact that it can be used with multiple colors makes it particularly fun.

For a more modern take, check out this tutorial:

This one has an interesting layered look, and the overall design is perfect for modern styles.

If you’re missing the floral element, you can also check out this option with felt flowers.

Macrame Wreath Ornament Options

Regardless of which style you choose to purchase or make, these make great decorations.

For one, they’re versatile. You can use them on their own, or to accent other decor. They also work well in a number of different styles, whether traditional or modern.

They can also add some coziness into more stark or minimal designs. The rustic look of the textiles, and the knotted design, provide charm, without clashing too much.

And there’s plenty of different styles to choose from. You can go with something simpler and more modern. Or, go for a more classic look, with flowers, or a mandala-like pattern.

So if you’re looking for the perfect decoration for your space, try these options. A macramé wreath is a great way to dress up your space.

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