Interchangeable Front Door Wreath

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Check out these interchangeable front door wreath options. These swappable items are a festive and fun way to decorate your entryway, no matter what time of year!

One common issue with any front door decoration is that it’s seasonal by nature. This is even more so the case for decorations that utilize plants. Since these items are displayed outdoors, it’s better to use something that matches the time of year.

The issue is that seasonal options require some extra effort to manage. You have to change them out according to the season, which means you have to purchase multiple decorations. And then there’s the issue of how to store all those decorations when not in use.

There are year round options, but these tend to be plainer by necessity. You can’t have too many embellishments, or else it will end up looking wrong for one season or another.

That’s where decorations that you can change come in. They’re the perfect balance between year-round and seasonal.

What Does Interchangeable Mean?

When it comes to decor, you can think of interchangeable items as being swappable. They typically come with additional decorations or embellishments that can be changed out. The whole decoration itself doesn’t change, but these small elements do.

That’s why these items often come in sets. They have the main decoration, and then a set of swappable elements.

Often times, these items are worked into the design in a subtle way. For example, they’re commonly used as the ‘o’ in welcome signs. Signs will come with a variety of ‘o’ shaped embellishments that you can swap out. Things like eggs, hearts, snowflakes, and four-leaf clovers are popular.

But there are a variety of items, not just signs. And each of them has their own, swappable elements.

For wreaths in particular, there are a few different options you have for swappable decorations.

Check out these fun options below:


The easiest thing to swap out is your embellishments. These extra decorations are just one option you can use to transform your wreath from one season to the next. They’re also the best option for holiday decor.

But not everyone is able to store a bunch of embellishments, let alone use them to redecorate every few months. For anyone in that situation, getting swappable embellishments is the best alternative.

One of the easiest embellishments to go with is a swappable welcome sign. What’s great about these is how simple they are.

For this item, the only thing you’re changing out is the one decoration on the sign. Most of these come with at least four different decorations to swap, although some sets come with nearly ten. This means you’ll always have an option that’s appropriate for the season or holiday you’re decorating for.

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This is much easier than changing out a whole set of embellishments, etc.

Plus, all you have to do is attach the sign to the frame, and then it’s ready to go. If you’re using an all-season option, just change out the decoration on the sign. If you’re using a seasonal option, it’s easy to move the sign from one wreath to another.

Just be sure to check the size when shopping. The option above is small enough to sit in the center of most wreaths. (Although it will overlap a bit on the sides, depending on how large the frame is.)

Other options tend to be much larger, even as much as twice the size of the one above. If you don’t want the sign to be the focal point, stick to a smaller option.

How to Attach a Sign

Of course, if you purchase a sign, you’ll need to know how to attach it.

Most signs already have some sort of loop where they hang from. You can simply hang this on some foliage, near the center. Just be aware that this isn’t the most secure option. For indoor use, it’s perfectly fine. For outside, however, you’ll need to do something different.

For a more secure option, you’ll want to attach the sign to the frame directly. If your sign comes with a string or ribbon tie, then just tie it onto the center of the frame. If not, you can use a high gauge floral wire to attach the sign.

Another, even simpler option, is to cheat. You can hide an adhesive hook behind your wreath, just above the center. Then, you can hang your sign on the hook. For a little extra coverage, you can use clear hooks, or paint the hook to match the color of whatever it’s sticking to.

This is a great option if you’re going to be changing out your decor frequently, since it’s not as permanent. Just keep in mind that it’s still not as secure as attaching the sign to the frame directly.

Unconventional Options

If you’re okay with doing something a little unconventional, there are some similar products that you can use instead.

Wooden wreaths, for example, are a good option.

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These wooden options are obviously far from what we would consider a traditional wreath. However, these options serve the same essential purpose when used on entryways. They’ll welcome guests to your home, and they can be used to decorate your door for different seasons.

But unlike traditional options, these wooden decorations often include swappable elements.

The product above is just one example. It has a set of seasonal elements that you can swap out.

The effect is similar to the swappable signs mentioned previously, but it’s a much simpler decoration to use. With these, you already have everything you need. Just hang them up, and you’re good to go.

The other good thing about these is that they’re a little sturdier. You don’t have to worry as much about any extra delicate elements, the way you do with artificial or dried flowers. Since it’s mostly wood, it can withstand harsher conditions a bit better.

Overall, they’re a little unconventional, but still a fun decor option to buy or make.

In fact, here’s a great tutorial to check out:

Wreath Hanger

Another, even simpler option, is just to use a swappable hanger.

Hangers are specialty tools that are made for hanging wreaths on doors. They’re one of the easiest options for hanging decorations, since they’re made for that specific purpose. Just hang them on the door, and then hang your decoration off the other end.

Because they’re so functional, their decorative potential tends to be overlooked. With a swappable option like this one, you can turn even a functional item into festive, seasonal decor.

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These are also a good option if you want a more minimal touch. Since it’s just the one item that’s changing, it’s a lot more subtle.

That makes these perfect for decorations like delicate floral hoops. It allows you to embrace the season, without having to overload your existing decorations with embellishments.

That also makes it a better choice for anyone who prefers year-round decorations. You can keep your decorations as they are, and just swap out the hanger for a touch of festivity.

The Right Decoration for Any Season

Decorations are good for any time of year, but they’re always more fun when they’re festive.

The unfortunate thing is that festive decor is not always easy to manage. With these, you have to switch them and store them and then switch them again. Even though this only happens once every few months, it’s still a process.

For something simpler and subtler, swappable decorations are a better choice. They streamline the process until it’s just a few small items that you have to switch and store. That’s much easier than having whole decorations that you need to manage.

So, if you’re interested in seasonal fun the easy way, choose an interchangeable front door wreath or embellishment.

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