How to Store a Wreath the Right Way

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Here’s what you need to know about how to store a wreath the right way. Keep all your seasonal decor fresh with these great storage tips.

Preparing your Decorations for Storage

Before your pack away your wreaths, you want to make sure that they’re clean.

This is especially important for seasonal options. With these, you want them to be clean and fresh before storage, since it will be a while before you use them.

Holiday options in particular, are only used for a few weeks out of the year. That means they’ll be spending most of their time packed away.

The other issue is that most seasonal or holiday related decorations are left hanging outside, on front doors. Being outside exposes them to things that you don’t want festering away in your closet for months.

That’s why it’s important to clean and store holiday decorations correctly.

The best method for artificial or silk decorations, is to simply wipe the dirt away. Spray them with a gentle cleaning solution, and then use a microfiber towel to wipe away any dirt. Leave them to dry indoors, and then they’re ready for storage.

For dried or fabric decorations, try not to use any liquid at all. Instead, place them in a lightly abrasive mix, like salt and rice. Then give them a shake to remove any dirt. Just be sure to do this gently, since dried florals are particularly delicate.

If you need a gentler option, you can also spray your wreaths with compressed air. This has the same effect as shaking them, but it gives you more control.

Traditional Storage Options

After your wreath has been wiped free of any dirt, it’s time for storage.

It’s important to store this type of decoration correctly, since it needs to last a while. Wreaths can also be expensive, with nicer options costing upwards of eighty dollars. With that much money on the line, you want to make sure you’re storing your decorations well.

To that end, there are specialty storage options:

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The most common and cost-effective option is to get a storage bag. These are just round bags with high side walls, that zip all the way around. This allows you to place the wreath inside, and zip it closed.

These options are nice because they’re convenient to use and purchase. They’re easy to find online, and it’s not too complicated to simply put your decoration inside and zip it up.

The main downside to these is that they don’t provide a lot of structure. Any delicate embellishments are still in danger of getting damaged, since there’s nothing in place to protect them.

A better option would be a plastic case.

Since these are hard, they’re better protection in case your decorations get crushed or dropped. They’re also more secure for things like lights, glass, or foam embellishments, which tend to be very fragile.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay a bit more to get it. If you have a lots of decorations to store, you may want to look at some budget friendly options instead.

The issue with both of these options is the size limitations. In both cases, you have to purchase a bag or container that will fit your particular decoration. For options that run extra small or extra-large, this task is easier said than done. Oftentimes, you’re left to purchase something that isn’t a good fit for your decor.

Of course, this even assumes you know the size to begin with. In a lot of cases, people purchase an option without noting the exact size. And after you fluff a wreath, it usually ends up larger than advertised anyway.

To that end, these options are not ideal, since it’s hard to get an exact fit. But they are still very convenient, and the nicer options provide excellent protection.

More Wreath Storage Ideas

If both of those options don’t seem like they’re right for you, don’t worry. There’s plenty of other methods.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to store decorations. As long as you have something large and structured enough, you should be fine. Here are some options you can use from things you may have lying around your home:

  • Cardboard
  • Hat Boxes
  • Old Suitcases
  • Plastic Tubs

For these, again, structure is the thing to look for. To that end, hat boxes are among the best options. They’re designed for storing and protecting delicate items. They’re also typically round in shape.

The only downside to these is that they’re smaller than most wreath sizes. They only work with wreaths that are smaller than average.

For every other storage need, you’re best off using a combination of methods.

To help protect your decorations, first line them with cardboard. Start by cutting out two, appropriately sized cardboard circles. Lay one on underneath the wreath, and lay one on top of it. Then, secure the two circles by connecting them with strips of tape in-between.

The tape is likely get on the foliage or flowers, but that’s okay. As long as you’re careful, it should not cause any serious damage. You can also use options like washi tape, which are easier and safer to remove.

Once you have everything secure and protected, you can keep it in whatever container you want. You can even store it in a plastic bag as a last resort.

Things like old suitcases and plastic tubs are also great options. With these, you don’t have to add structure, since the containers themselves are designed to protect the contents. Rather, just make sure you’re not adding anything heavy on top.

Also, if the container is too big, the wreath might shift around inside. To keep it safe, make sure you’re moving the container carefully.

Special Considerations for Dried Wreaths

Dried wreaths are unusual in that they’re both very durable and delicate at the same time. Dried stems, branches, and twigs are surprisingly durable. Dried foliage and flowers, on the other hand, are not.

In order to preserve your dried decorations, the most important thing is moisture. You don’t want any moisture to soak in during storage, since it can lead to mold and mildew.

To a certain extent, you can control whether or not your decorations are exposed to moisture. Storing them in air-tight containers away from sources of water helps.

Unfortunately, as anyone from a humid climate will tell you, there’s a lot you can’t control about moisture levels.

If you live in a tropical or naturally humid area, it’s a good idea to store your wreaths natural desiccants.

Some great natural desiccants are salt and rice. You can place a small amount of either, or both, in whatever container you’re using to store your décor.

This will draw away any moisture that might have gotten stored in with the container. It will also absorb any moisture that might find its way in in the future.

This is an especially important tip if you’re not using an air-tight container. Even plastic tubs, which seem like they have a good seal, are not air tight. Keeping desiccants inside will help keep any moisture that gets in from damaging your dried embellishments.

Keeping Your Decorations Safe in the Off-Season

Wreaths are fantastic decor, but they’re not always perfect year-round. Oftentimes, these decorations are specific to a certain season or holiday. In those cases, you’ll need to store your decorations when not in use.

To do so, there are a number of methods. You can purchase specialty storage, but you can also make due with common items.

So long as the decoration is protected from damage and moisture, it’ll be fine.

Knowing how to store a wreath the right way allows you to enjoy your décor for many seasons, not just one.

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