Green Wreaths for Front Door

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Keep it fresh with green wreaths for front door. These decorations are the perfect way to add a bright, natural touch to your home.

The Natural Choice

Typically, when you choose artificial plants in this color, what you’re getting is foliage. That’s not to say that there aren’t flowers that come in this color, but just that the selection is limited.

Oftentimes, people think that plain foliage bases are just that: too plain. However, that’s far from the truth. There are plenty of options that make the foliage the star, turning even the simplest of leaves into gorgeous decorations.

They’re also a great choice if your looking for something more subtle. They blend in well with most doorways, even bold ones. If you have a painted door in red or blue, these make a good choice.

Here’s what you need to know about all the options available for both foliage and flowers:

Foliage Selection

Your most popular foliage options are boxwood and eucalyptus. Boxwood is popular because of it’s bold, rich color. It’s also the traditional choice for foliage bases.

Eucalyptus, on the other hand, is the more modern choice. Decorations with this foliage tend to be more sparse or minimal, which makes them ideal for modern or contemporary interiors.

There’s a lot of different varieties of eucalyptus as well. Most have the same flat, small leaves, but the style and color can vary greatly. Some leaves are long and thin, almost like blades of grass. Others are small and round, and closely packed together.

The colors tend to range from a darker, forestry shade to a silvery grey. As you can see, there are plenty of different options, to suit a wide range of preferences.

Of course, these two are far from your only options.

Magnolia leaf and olive leaf wreaths are a trendy option if you’re into farmhouse styles. For seasonal options, pine and fir are perfect for fall and winter, while fern is great for the warmer months.

There are even wreaths made entirely of succulent plants!

So, don’t get stuck thinking that foliage is too simple, or too uniform an option. There are so many different ways you can style and utilize a plain foliage base.

Floral Selection

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting flowers on your decorations. After all, traditionally, flowers have sort of been the point.

If you’re looking to stay true to nature, there are a few flowers that naturally come in this color.

Chrysanthemums and Bells of Ireland are perhaps the most well-known options. The light color on these makes them popular to use in floral arrangements.

Other popular flowers include dianthus, zinnias, hydrangeas, and Daylilies. Although, there are still other flowers that bloom in some shade of this color.

The issue is that they’re tend to be difficult to find for decorations. While they exist, the other colors that these flowers come in, like pink and white, are more widely used.

If you’re really intent on doing a majority floral option, you would be better off embellishing with decorations by hand. This will allow you to pick your own flowers, so you’ll have more options. You can also get silk flowers that don’t usually bloom this color, but are styled as such.

It’s also easy to make your own foliage base, if you’re so inclined. As with the flowers, it makes it easy to try out different, more unique plants.

Decoration Selection

Here are some great examples of what you can expect to find in this particular color:

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How to Style This Color

The main benefit of this color is that you don’t actually have to style it at all. When you’re using it with plants, of any kind, you don’t have to match it with the rest of your design.

Rather than color, plants add an earthy, almost rustic element to a home. This is true even when they’re fake, like the ones found in this type of decoration.

That’s why, instead of thinking about color, think more about the materials in the room. Plants are a great way to soften up rough or hard materials. They’re the perfect touch for rustic designs that incorporate a lot of wood and stone.

But they also work great in more modern spaces, to contrast the hardness of metal and glass. In both cases, they’re going to help soften up those harsh materials, and make the space feel a little cozier.

The same is true for exteriors. Oftentimes, all the metal and rough materials on the exterior of a home can feel more than a little imposing. Adding in a bit of greenery is the perfect way to soften it.

A Fresh New Look

The reason this color is so popular and easy to use is that it invokes nature. It has the unique ability to make any space feel more earthy and cozy. That’s why it’s the prefect addition to any area that feels to austere, harsh, or just plain.

Make more of your decor and try green wreaths for front door or indoor use to liven up your space.

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