Front Door Wreath Ideas for January

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Not sure what to do with your entryway when your Christmas decorations come down? Try these front door wreath ideas for January, and keep your space decorated year-round.

For other great decoration ideas, check out our guide on seasonal wreaths for front door.

What do you put on your door in winter?


Finding a good decoration option for after the holidays can be tricky. After all, you want something that feels seasonal, but isn’t too festive.

Evergreen foliage, such as fir, pine, and arborvitae are usually what you see. With that foliage, you can pair other seasonal favorites, such as pine cones and poinsettias.

These are great if you’re looking for something traditional.

If you’re willing to go a bit less conventional, there are other styles you can choose as well.

Wreath for Winter Ideas

Luckily there are plenty of great options to choose from. Some of them can also be used to transition into spring, making your post-holiday decoration even easier.


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This particular foliage is a great choice because it makes a great plain base for any season. You can use it during the warmer months, of course. But it also makes a great alternative to the foliage of choice, evergreen.

If a plain foliage base is just too simple for you, dress it up with a bow. A bow in a neutral color, like white, is the best option for use during any season.

For winter in particular, you can also go with blue, silver, or gold.


Another all-season option is to go with grapevine. These foliage alternatives can be used any time of year; however, they’re particularly fitting from Autumn into Spring.

Like boxwood, these are a plain option that you can dress up with further embellishments. They’re also a good choice if you’re going for something minimal or rustic. Farmhouse style, for example, favors using twigs or grapevine as a base.

If grapevine isn’t for you, there are plenty of other vine or twig bases that you can use. Birch branches are a popular option for the season. You can also try willow.


If you’re going for a more traditional option, you can also try regular winter wreaths for front door.

Options like these have all the classic elements of these decorations, just without the festive touch

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The downside to these is that you will have to take them down once spring picks up in march. However, they’re the best option if you want something specific to the season.


Metallic options, such as gold and silver, are another good choice.

These colors are fairly common during this time of year, but they’re not necessarily festive. They also add a bit of glam that you don’t get with other options.

The downside is that these colors don’t transition as well as others. You certainly can leave them on your entryway into spring and summer, but they’re less fitting.

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They also work best with modern style entryways. If you have a very traditionally looking exterior, they may feel out of place.

How to Make a Winter Wreath

If you’re a decent crafter, you can try making a decoration of your own. Doing these as a DIY project is fairly simple, and it allows for much more personalization.

There’s so many different foliage and embellishments options available. So doing a DIY can help you get something that perfectly suits your tastes, as well as your entryway.

Here’s a great tutorial on a traditional type of option:

For tutorials like these, you can take the general steps and use them to make whatever suits you. For example, you can switch out the foliage for boxwood, or add in your own choice of flowers and embellishments.

If it’s not to your tastes, just treat it as inspiration and let your creativity flow from there.

For a more unique option, you can also get on the deco mesh trend:

These fabric options are fun because you can really play with color and texture.

You can make something with the seasonal color scheme that matches your style. Or, go for a beautiful, wintery white and silver option. Either way, it’s easy to make a nice, neutral option to carry you through the colder months.

After Christmas Door Decorations

You don’t have to leave your doorway plain just because the holidays are over and the decorations are put away. There are tons of great ways to adorn your entryway, not matter the time of year.

You can keep things simple by going with an all-year option, like boxwood or grapevine. These are nice because you don’t have to worry about changing out your decorations to suit the season.

For a more traditional look, you can also get options that are tailored to winter, but not to the holidays. These are nice if you’re going for minimal decoration.

They save you the trouble of having to switch them out once the holidays are over. These also have all the hallmarks of traditional holiday decorations, with the foliage and flowers.

And if you’re just not in love with any of the available options, you can always try and make your own! There are tons of great DIY tutorials and ideas out there. And with so many supplies available as well, it’s easy to make an option perfectly tailored to you.

So no matter what style you’re going for this year, there’s sure to be an option to match. Try out these front door wreath ideas for January, and decorate your entryway.

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