Front Door Summer Wreath Ideas

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Check out these front door summer wreath ideas and get your entryway ready for the season.

The warmest months of the year tend to get overlooked, in terms of decorations. There’s fewer holidays and celebrations, so decor often winds up being very basic and general.

Thankfully, wreaths have no such problem. Because they’re most often made of plants, there’s always a seasonally appropriate choice. And since these decor items are easy to craft yourself, you can choose to make something suitable as well.

If you’re interested in purchasing or making some décor for this season, here are some design tips to help you.

Front Door Wreath Ideas for Summer

Whether you plan on making your decor or purchasing it, there are some important considerations. This type of decor has a lot of different elements, and each of them needs to be fitting.

Here’s a breakdown of each of those important elements, and how to make them work for the season.

Colors to Use

If you like color, this is season for you. Spring and fall, and sometimes even winter, tend to be muted or limited in color choices. This season, on the other hand, is all about boldness.


At the height of the year, big, saturated colors are most appropriate. If you like jewel tones, neon, or primary colors, this is the season for you.

Conversely, simpler color schemes are preferable. Although bright loud color choices are appropriate, tons of color is not.

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You’ll want to stick to three different colors, or less. Monochromatic schemes, focused on a single bold color, are also a good choice.

Foliage for the Base

For this season, flowers and other creative embellishments are usually at the forefront. If foliage is a background element of your design, you can go with just about anything. So long as it looks good with your focal point, it should be fine.

However, you can still consider options that are made mostly of foliage. When it comes to foliage, this is the season for big leaves. Ferns, magnolia leaves, and ivy are popular choices. These are all fairly wide, and come in a dramatic shades of green.

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They’re also good options if you want something that could potentially transition into an all season wreath.

Flowers to Look For

In keeping with the bold theme of the season, go for big, stunning blooms.

Popular options are all larger, brightly colored blossoms. Think thinks like zinnias, poppies, magnolia, sunflowers, and ranunculus. For accents, smaller blossoms like baby’s breath, pansies, and marigolds make good choices.

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If you want something a little different, there are plenty of other summer plants to choose from. Lavender, gladiolus, snapdragons, are all plants that have bold blooms, with a vertical shape. In the same vein, things like cattails and lotus pods also make good accents.

Another popular option with summer silk flower wreaths, is to do an all floral design. With these, you skip the foliage entirely and just use blooms to fill out your base or frame. These options are great for anyone who really wants to make the most of colors in their design.

Seasonal Decorations

In this warmer season, decorations tend to be a little more creative. There aren’t any set decorations, so you can choose whatever you like.

Typical decorations for this season include ribbons, fruit, cotton bolls, and wooden signs or accents. But you certainly don’t have to stick to these items.


Luckily, most embellishments are easy to attach by hand, so have some fun with your design.

Alternative Materials

Of course, wreaths don’t only have to be made of plants. In fact, there are plenty of options without any flowers or foliage at all.

If you’re after something a little different for your entryway, here are some interesting alternatives:


One fun alternative, is to make the entire base out of fabric. With this option, you fix any type of fabric to your frame, and that makes the base. From there, you can add any sort of embellishments you want.

For this particular season, burlap is a popular choice. This fabric is often used to create farmhouse wreath bases, which can then be decorated appropriately.

Another popular method is to mix ribbon and tulle mesh, of various colors. For this season, bright reds, greens, and yellows are all popular.

Beach and Coastal

Another option that’s perfect for summer is to do a beach or coastal themed wreath. These are popular during the warmer months, for obvious reasons. And even if you don’t live in a coastal town, you can still enjoy this unique style of décor.

For this style, white and blue are the most popular color choices. However, you can also mix in things like sea green, coral, and beige. Any color that makes you think of the ocean or the beach is appropriate.

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For the base, drift wood or bleached willow branches are among the most common. On top of that, embellishments like seashells, anchors, and other nautical themed items are used.

You can also find

Of course, you don’t have to stick to these guidelines. You can do something different, like make it entirely out of seashells or even sea glass.

If you want something really unusual, check out this tutorial on how to make a flip flop door wreath:

As you can see, with a little crafting skill, almost anything will work as a base or embellishment. This option in particular, feels very festive for the season. And it’s very simple to make!

If you’re concerned about price, you can get both the flip-flops and plenty of embellishments at the dollar store. You can also do a single layer of shoes, rather than two.

For this, just glue the shoes onto a foam or wire base, to give it more structure.

Bold Seasonal Decorations

When it comes to the hottest months of the year, it makes sense that bolder is better. It’s the height of the year, with plenty of fun to be had despite the heat and humidity.

For this time of year, go with dramatic colors and embellishments. In fact, this is the perfect season for bright green foliage and large blooms with lots of petals. You can also use a number of vertical shaped plants, to create interesting designs.

And if that’s still not bold enough for you, do something totally different.

You can go with some unique embellishments, such as sea shells. You can even make the base out of flip-flops, or other obvious symbols of the season.

No matter what you decide to do, the point is always to make something that fits your personal preference. Although each season has its own appropriate plants, there’s plenty of options within that.

With these front door summer wreath ideas, you’re sure to find something that suits you.

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