Extra Large Front Door Wreaths

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Make a statement with these extra large front door wreaths. If you want your entryway to stand out, these options are the perfect decorative choice.

Of course, the first thing to establish is what exactly defines a bigger decoration. Bigger can certainly change depending the doorway, or personal preference.

But there are some general standards that you can use to figure out how big your decoration should be. Keep reading below for more information on how to select the right size.

And check out our front door wreaths guide for more decoration ideas.

Choosing Decorations for Your Entryway

If you already know what size you want, check out these great options to start your shopping. If not, you can check out our sizing guide below, to help you select the right option.

Narrow Doorway Options

If you have a smaller doorway, one that’s around 30”, here are some good options. They range in size from 24” to 26”, so they’re prefect for any narrower space.

Artificial Peony Hydrangea WreathCHECK PRICE ON AMAZONSARO LIFESTYLE Collection Pinecone Eucalyptus Wreath, 26CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONNational Tree Company Artificial Autumn Wreath, Decorated with Dahlias, Peonies, Roses, Pumpkins, Berry Clusters, Autumn Collection, 24 inCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


Wide Doorway Options

If you have a wider doorway, you’re going to want something larger. These options assume that the wider doorway in question is 36”. As such, they range in size from 30” to 32”.

K&K Interiors 13774C 30 Inch Green Berry W/Willow Leaves WreathCHECK PRICE ON AMAZONEfavormart 32CHECK PRICE ON AMAZONNational Tree Company Artificial Autumn Wreath, Decorated with Pumpkins, Gourds, Berry Clusters, Maple Leaves, Autumn Collection, 32 inCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON


Sizing Information

When purchasing this type of decoration, it’s helpful to know how they’re actually measured.

People tend to assume that the measurement refers to the size of the frame beneath the wreath. However, that’s not the case. It’s actually the distance between the outmost edges of the foliage.

Essentially, it’s the maximum distance from one edge to the other, foliage included. So an 18 inch frame could actually result in a 20-24 inch wreath.

Unfortunately, this also means that the sizing is never exact. Fluffing the foliage could result in a decoration that’s larger than advertised. Alternatively, if you compress the foliage, the size will be smaller.

This is why some options are actually listed with a sizing range, rather than a specific size.

There’s also the issue of additional items like wheat heads and twigs that stick out from the base. Most decorations will be measured from the longest piece of foliage. That means the size listed will include those items that stick out, not just main base.

While that’s helpful if you’re not working with a lot of space, it can also be misleading. Since the main part of the decoration is still smaller; it’s not going to look as large as the advertised size.

Overall, you need to think of it as working with estimates. Although the measurements listed will be as exact as possible, they’re not perfect. If you cut it too close, you may end up with a decoration that’s too big for your entry way.

Recommended Sizing

Doors tend to average anywhere from 30-36″, with 36” being the most common size.

As such, the ideal size for a bigger decoration should be is between 26-32″. Note that 32” would still be a little tight, but it can work if you’re going with a decoration that’s more compact.

Of course, that’s all assuming you’re working with standard sizing. If you’re entryway is smaller or larger, you’ll need to do some math.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your decorations about four inches narrower than your door. This will leave you with two inches on either side. That’s about as close as you can cut it without the decorations becoming a hinderance.

For more comfortable clearance though, you should leave about three inches on each side.

The Right Decoration for Your Doorway

With all that in mind, it’s important to adjust your expectations accordingly.

While 26” may not seem very wide to you, it might be what’s appropriate to your doorway. At the right size, your decoration will fit without causing any issues. But it will look really big, since it will take up a lot of space.

And that’s the key. Don’t purchase something big just to have something big. Rather, adjust it so that it’s the exact right choice for your exterior.

Of course, you may have a doorway that doesn’t fit into the 30” or 36” standard sizes. If so, that’s okay. The options above can still work for most doorways. And if not, simply look up the size that’s appropriate for your exterior.

There’s a ton of options, so you should be able to find something that fits your exact size specifications.

Remember as well, that the size of a decoration will change depending on how you fluff it. There’s a lot of room for adjustment, so you can be a bit flexible with your choice.

With a little extra consideration, you can find the extra large door wreaths that are perfect for your home.

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