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Easy Autumn Door Wreath Ideas

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Get ready for the harvest season with these autumn door wreath ideas. These options are easy to recreate, and prefect for ushering in fall.

These seasonally festive options are the perfect way to decorate your home or entryway.

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Basic Supplies

In order to create any decorations, you’ll need some basic supplies. With this type of decor, you can start from any level you like.

For more advanced crafting, you can try making your own base. To make things easier and faster, you can purchase a plain base, and then add embellishments.

Which one you choose really depends on how much effort you want to put into your decor. Regardless, here are a few things to have on hand while you work:

  • A plain base. (If you’re making your own, you’ll need to purchase twigs or branches. You may also want to purchase a wire frame to help you shape it.)
  • Wire Cutters and scissors
  • Hot glue or floral wire for attaching decorations. (Hot glue is easier to use, and will work well with most fall embellishments.)
  • String (This one is optional, although you’ll probably need it to hang the wreath. You can also use it for attaching embellishments.)
  • Embellishments. (Keep reading below to see which ones are perfect for fall.)

Once you have the basics gathered, you can start creating!

If you need some inspiration for the season, here are some great wreath ideas:

Dried Plants and Fruits

Add some rustic flair to your design by including dried embellishments.

Dried items are already popular for this type of decor, but you can also make it more specific to the season. Things like fall leaves and pine cones are a great place to start. But you can also incorporate things like cotton bolls, acorns, flax, or wheat.

For a really creative touch, include some dried fruit, like in the example above. Their use of dried oranges is perfect, since it looks rustic and the color fits the season.

Options like these also have the benefit of smelling amazing. Especially if you include other potpourri favorites, like cinnamon sticks. It’s the perfect way to welcome someone into your home.

You can also add in fake fruits of course. Lemons, for example, are a popular spring option. Unfortunately, these won’t have that pleasant, natural scent.

The other great thing about this type of embellishment is that it’s accessible. For many of the items, like leaves and pine cones, all you have to do is take a walk in the woods. (Of course, they’re also easy to find at craft stores and online.)

From there, simply glue them on a plain twig or branch base, and then you’re done! An easy, rustic decoration that’s perfect for fall.

Farmhouse Flair

If you want to do something a little more unusual, check out this option.

This option doesn’t necessarily scream fall. It has a lot of elements that aren’t traditional for the season, including the foliage and flower choices. Even the color scheme is unconventional, but it works.

Part of that is the overall rustic look. Like many fall options, it has a branch base that’s been left visible. It also has some farmhouse touches, like the black and white buffalo check. These are good options year round, but also work particularly well in fall.

The other reason it works is that there are still seasonally appropriate additions that are included. In this case, the white pumpkins make it fitting for the fall, while still being somewhat unexpected.

Overall, this option shows how it’s possible to do something a little different with your decor. If you’re bored of orange, yellow, and red, an option like this is a nice alternative.

This design would also work with embellishments like cotton bolls, wheat, and lotus pods. With those, you could do a majority white design, and then add in dried blue or purple corn for contrast.

You could also switch out the buffalo check for burlap or gingham. Both have the same rustic, country appeal that fall designs usually incorporate.

Minimal and Rustic

The simple structure of this example makes it one of the easiest to do on your own.

Some great late summer and fall flowers are sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and asters. You can use larger blooms, or a cluster of smaller blooms together as your focal point.

Another option is to do a cluster of fall squash. You can do something unexpected, like the white pumpkins mentioned previously, or go with something more traditional.

For an accent you can use dried flowers, like in the photo. But you can also use things like mini pine cones or fall leaves, depending on the look you want.

The key is to create a strong focal point, so that it draws the visual weight. From there, fan the accents out, following the shape of the wreath.

From there, the accents should sort of taper out, as they do in the photo. To do this, concentrate them near the focal point, and then place less and less as you move further out.

The Perfect Front Door for Fall

If you’re looking to decorate your front door for fall, these easy wreaths are a great option.

To make your own, start out with a branch or twig base. Things like willow wood and grapevine are perfect.

From there, embellish it with the usual fall favorites. You can go with a more traditional and rustic option by using dried plants. Just glue them to the base, and your decor is done!

Another option is to go minimal with just a single, large bloom. Focus the embellishments on just one part of the wreath to create a simple, yet balanced look.

And for any one who hates warm color palettes, don’t worry. There’s plenty of great fall decor for you too.

Skip the orange and go straight for white and brown instead. Cotton balls and white squash are some great alternatives to the usual, colorful options. Of course, you can also incorporate some other colors too. There are plenty of items that are seasonally appropriate, while offering some different color choices.

Regardless, of your style, there’s sure to be a fall option to match. Whether your making or purchasing your decor, it’s not hard to find something perfect for the season.

These easy autumn door wreath ideas are just some of many possibilities you can try.

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