Dried Wreaths for Front Door

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If you’re looking for something new to add to your entryway, try dried wreaths for front door. These options have a gorgeous, unique look that’s perfect for any exterior.

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The main difference with the decorations is that they’re made of real plants—they’re just preserved instead of fresh.

That gives them a particular aesthetic that’s difficult to recreate. The colors of the plants become more muted, taking on soft brown tones in the process. And everything takes on a rougher texture as well.

The result is a look that’s both rustic and traditional, and very pretty.

Different Options

Despite the restrictions that come with working with natural materials, there’s still a variety of options

Some decorations come with a classic mix of foliage and flowers. Others keep the foliage only, creating a more minimal look.

Of course, silk and preserved florals are not mutually exclusive. You can often find options that work in a bit of both. For example, some decorations blend dried wheat or straw with artificial flowers or berries.

There are also artificial options that are made to look as if they’re preserved, despite being fabric. These are a great choice for outdoor use, since they’re more durable. However, they don’t have quite the same impact as natural, preserved plants.

If you’re uncertain about whether a decoration includes preserved or artificial flowers, check the description. Most options are going to be forthcoming about what they’re made of. You can also look for words and phrases like “artificial”, or “looks real”, as these indicate faux flowers.

If you’re interested in these decorations, here are some great options:

Classic Look


Options like this one are great if you’re after a classic looking decoration. It’s got a mix of flowers and foliage, which provides both color and fullness to a design.

Extra-large Dried Flower Wreaths


If you’re working with a big entryway, then larger options like this would suit.

Just keep in mind that the definition of extra-large really depends on the doorway. These options are fairly large; however, they may still be considered too small for some entryways.

For more information on sizing, check out our article on extra-large wreaths.

Small Dried Flower Wreaths


Again, qualifiers like small can be subjective with decorations. What’s small on one doorway may be large on another.

However, with these decorations, anything from 9-14″ is generally considered small. To that end, options like the ones above will work.

Dried Flower Wreath Fall


Due to the rustic look of these decorations, they’re a very popular option for autumn in particular.

Wheat wreaths are perhaps the most popular selection during this season. But things like dried corn, pinecones, straw, and even birch twigs also work.

Important Considerations

While these decorations are gorgeous and rustic, they come with their own particular issues.

Preserved florals, unlike their silk counterparts, can be delicate. While they’re still long lasting, they fare poorly under harsh conditions.

If you’re using one of these outdoors, you need to keep their delicacy in mind.

With continued periods of rain or humidity, it’s possible for these decorations to develop things like mold or mildew. In prolonged sun or heat, they can start to fade and crack.

In order to prevent some of these issues, using them under a covered porch is best. The porch roof or overhang will protect from direct sunlight as well as most rain. You can also consider switching them out with silk decorations during periods of unfavorable weather.

That’s not to say they need to be coddled. They’ll be able to withstand a good amount of use. However, in most cases, they’re not as permanent as silk flowers. It’s important to remember that when shopping

Cleaning and Storage

If you’re using these options seasonally, you’ll need to know the best way to clean and store them.

For preserved florals like these, cleaning can be tricky.

You don’t want to use water or soap, since those risk rehydrating any plants. Instead, focus on gently dusting the surface of the plants. You can use a feather duster, or similar tool to ensure that all the little cracks and crevices get clean.

You can also use air to clean them. If you’re noticing any really stubborn bits, hit them with a shot of compressed air. (Just be careful when using this method. If you spray it too close or for too long, it can build up moisture on the surface.)

For storage, the point is to keep moisture away. To that end, it’s a good idea to store them with desiccants of some sort. You can use store bought ones if you want, but things like rice and even common table salt work too.

Overall, while they do require more care, dried wreaths for front door make a beautiful additional to any decoration.

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