Double Door Split Wreath

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Find double door split wreath options that will work for any doorway. If you’re interested in trying out these functional decorations, here are some great ideas.

Visit our split wreaths for double door guide for even more information about these decorations

If you’re wondering what these decorations are, it’s pretty simple. They’re just like traditional wreaths, except they’re halved down the middle. With this, you can place one half over each door, allowing you to move through the entryway with ease.

When the entryway is closed, however, all you’ll see is one perfect, circular decoration. It’s a great way to have a single wreath on double door without actually blocking the doorway.

Double Door Wreaths

Unfortunately, there aren’t really a lot of good options that come already halved. Most of them also tend to be geared towards winter or the holidays. So finding one for warmer months or year-round use is very difficult.

Luckily, there are lots of great ways to make or purchase other decorations for French doors.

Matching Decorations

The method that everyone defaults to is hanging matching or complementary decorations. You can buy double of any option you like, or you can purchase a set like these ones:

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This gets rid of the issue of the decorations blocking the entryway. However, it ruins the aesthetic in the process. If you’re not too set on having a single decoration, these are a good option.

For everyone else, modifying a decoration may be the answer.


Luckily, doing a DIY on an existing decoration is actually pretty easy.

With a good pair of bolt cutters, you can clip any wire frame in half. It can get a bit tricky to ensure that you’re not damaging or loosening any decorations, but it’s possible.

Bolt cutters work for more options, but you can also use an electric circular saw, or hand saw. (Just make sure you’re using the right blade and proper safety measures.)

Just keep in mind that you’ll be attempting to cut it in half. Try to get an option without complicated embellishments to make it easier. And it’s best to purchase it in person, so that you can get a sense of whether or not it will withstand halving.

Try to stick to a wire frame as well, since these tend to be better for cutting. The bunches of foliage and flowers on these options are usually individually attached to the frame. So it’s less likely you’ll detach anything important.

It’s also a good idea to go for something cheaper, just in case you mess it up.

And for those who are a bit crafty, you can also make the whole decoration by hand. That way you can cut the frame before any decorations go on.

This is the most difficult method, but it does offer the most options. You can make whatever you like to fit your entryway.

Of course, if you have the skills, you can also make one from the frame up. Just cut the frame in half before you start, and decorate the halves as you normally would.

Split Door Wreath

While decorations like these aren’t necessary, they still make a great option for adorning your entryway. They provide a cleaner look than hanging up two decorations. And they also make using your entryway easier.

The downside is just the lack of options. In terms of price and style, the options available are severely limited.

You can, however, create your own option. You can design one from the frame up, or modify and existing option.

So no matter what your preference, there’s a way to make a double door split wreath work for your entry.

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