Add some beauty to your space with decorative wreaths for indoors. These decorations are the perfect way to add color and freshness to any interior.

While these decorations are unquestionably beautiful, one of the best things about them is how easy they are to use. They don’t require a lot of work to hang up. In some cases, you don’t have to hang them at all!

They’re also functional options, capable of serving a number of different design purposes.

If you’re looking for a specific style, check out these great options:

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know to use these decorations to their fullest potential.

Indoor Wreath Decorating Ideas

There are a ton of different ways you can utilize indoor wreaths. You can go with traditional wall placements, or even lay them flat for an unconventional accent.

Here is an overview of just some of the ways you can use these to decorate your space:

Indoor Wall Wreaths

Hanging a wreath on a wall is a pretty standard option. Larger options can be used as a focal point, and help add some color and variety to a space.

But there’s still a lot of ways to be creative with you wall space.

One you can change things up is to pair wreaths with other décor.

For example, you can use them as accents for larger decorations, like paintings, mirrors, or shelves. Since the middle is empty, you can also use these as a sort of border for other items. For example, you can hang photos and mirrors inside.

You can also pair multiple wreaths together, in their own sort of gallery.

Another option is to hang them up over your windows. You can use the wall space above a window to secure a hook or nail. Then, using a long ribbon or string, allow the decoration to hang freely in the window.

This can add a bit of rustic charm to any room.

If you’re a renter, keep in mind that these decorations can be hung without damage to walls. Heavy duty adhesive hooks work just as well as nails. There are even small or clear options, if you want them to be less visible.

(For more tips, check out our hanging guide.)

Door Wreaths

Doorways are another popular option for placing these decorations. It’s also the easiest way to use them, since it requires no really effort.

All you have to do is hang a wreath hook, and then hang the decoration on that. You can also use adhesive hooks, if you want something more subtle.

And since it’s for a doorway, you have a lot more freedom in terms of style. You don’t have to worry as much about it matching your décor, the way you would in a living room.

It’s also a fun opportunity to personalize your décor. Depending on the doorway in question, you can purchase a monogram option, or add a little welcome sign. Cute options like these are the perfect way to distinguish your decorations.

Other Indoor Wreath Ideas

If the regular options are not for you, there are tons of other fun ways you can use these decorations.

You can lay them flat, as a way to decorate a tabletop. They make a great accent for centerpieces in particular. Although you can also use them to border photos, candles, vases, and other items.

You can also stand them up on flat surfaces, like shelves, console tables, and mantles. Some people even stand them up on the floor, allowing them to rest against the wall.

Another option is to hanging them on other furniture or decor. If you have a large cabinet or armoire, you can hang them on the doors. Just use the same methods you would for a regular doorway.

This adds a bit of freshness to any larger furniture. It’s a great way to lighten up the color, or just add a softer touch.

Wreaths as a whole are versatile decorations, so feel free to be creative!

Artificial vs Fresh

For beginners, it’s important to point out the difference between fresh artificial options.

Artificial flowers are the go-to option if you want a sturdy decoration for you home. Most work both for both the interior and exterior of homes. And when properly maintained, you can keep them indefinitely.

Fresh options are typically reserved for special events, since fresh flowers and foliage don’t last that long. And since these decorations can be pretty expensive, it’d be impractical to purchase and replace them for regular use.

The exception to this would be winter options. Fresh evergreen wreaths can last for the entire winter season when outside, assuming it’s cold enough. They’ll last for a while indoors as well, but they’ll start to brown and dry out faster.

Therefore, outside of the holidays and special events, artificial options are the way to go.


There are a number of different styles to choose from when it comes to artificial plant decorations. So, It can be a bit overwhelming when shopping.

Here’s a basic overview of the different options available, and what you can expect to find:

Traditional Options

Everyone is probably already familiar with the basics of these decorations. You have foliage, flowers, or both, arranged in a symmetrical ring.

Of course, colors, plants, and embellishments will change between options. But the overall look and shape is consistent.

The main variation you see for this style is the base. There are three common options: twig bases, foam, and wire.

Wire is the sturdiest option, and it’s also the most common.

Foam, on the other hand, is less sturdy. However, it’s very lightweight, which makes it a good base for larger options. It also works well for DIY projects.

Twig bases are different from the other two in that they’re meant to be seen. You can even use them plain, although they look great with dried or artificial flowers. They have a really rustic look that pairs well with country homes, etc.

Non-Traditional Options

Outside of traditional options, the possibilities are endless. You may even find options that test the outer limits of what can be defined as a wreath.

One major difference is in the shape. While traditional options are always round, non-traditional options can be just any shape imaginable. Squares, triangles and other geometric options are popular. But you can also go with crazier shapes like hearts, food items, and animals.


(If you want a really unique shapes, you may only be able to find a frame. In that case, you’ll have to decorate it by hand. Luckily, the process is fairly easy, and gives you the option to really personalize your décor.)

Materials is another area where you can really express your creativity.

Artificial flowers are the go-to for this decoration, obviously, but you can use just about anything. Fabric, metal, and glass are popular alternatives, but far from the only options.

Essentially, if you can make it into a general shape and hang it, you can decorate with it. People even make these out of flip-flops!

Lastly, there’s a lot of variations you can find with the structure and composition. Traditional options tend to be symmetrical throughout. With non-traditional options, you can structure it however you want.

The latest trend is to go with minimal, asymmetrical options. These have a gathering of flowers and foliage to just one part of the frame, and often have the rest of the frame exposed.


They’re a great option if you want something subtler, or simple. They also pair better with minimalist and modern styles.

Design Styles

Of course, whatever you purchase, you want to make sure it looks good in your home. In order to accommodate existing décor, many options are made with a particular interior design style in mind.

For example, indoor farmhouse wreath options are very popular. These options include hallmarks of farmhouse design, like burlap and magnolias. They may also be more rustic, including things like twig bases or pip berries.

Modern indoor wreath options are also popular. These tend to incorporate more unconventional elements, like asymmetrical designs, or geometric shapes. Minimal options are also popular for this style.

But if you’re not one for interior design, don’t get overwhelmed.

Greenery and plants tend to be more of a neutral design element. So while one wreath may be more suited to a particular design style, it will still work with others.

So if you’re not really certain what would go best with your design, then just choose something you like!

You can also go with a plain option, like eucalyptus or olive branches. These are simple enough to match any room, but still beautiful.

Seasonal Options

Since these decorations use plants, there’s an element to them that’s seasonal. Certain foliage and flowers are found in, and fit best with, certain seasons.

This can be a fun way to introduce a festive feeling to any time of year. But it can also be a headache to figure out which items are most appropriate. Then there’s the hassle of storing and switching out options throughout the year.

Thankfully, plenty of options can be used in any season, without issue. So don’t worry too much if you’re new to these decorations, and aren’t sure what to choose.

There are also plenty of great, year-round indoor wreaths that you can use. These are usually made of foliage that’s not seasonal, like succulents or berries. They may also have neutral color schemes, like white, or just greenery.

If you like the idea of matching your decorations to the season, check out our guide on seasonal options. You can also visit our storage guide, for information on what to do with decorations in the off-season.


On the more practical side of things, the size of your decorations is another important consideration. Most options run anywhere from 12” to 36”. However, there are still larger and smaller options available.

In terms of which one you want, consider the functionality of each size first.

Small indoor wreaths are great because you can use them in a variety of ways.

You can hang single options on the wall as an accent. They’re perfect for complementing something like a portrait gallery, or large mirror. You can also hang up multiples, in coordinating colors, for a fun look.

If you lay them flat, smaller options also make great table décor. You can use them to highlight a centerpiece, or to accent photos or candles.

Large indoor wreaths, on the other hand, make great statement pieces.

They’re bold enough to be the focal point of a wall, or doorway. However, you can still use them in conjunction with smaller décor.

They’re also a great way to introduce some accent colors, or greenery into your design.

A Great Decoration for Your Home

If you haven’t considered these decorations before, give them a shot.

Not only are they easy to install, but they can be used for a variety of things. They can decorate walls, doorways, table settings, and more!

Plus, there’s so many different styles available. It’s easy to find an option to fit your tastes, no matter how picky.

So try decorative wreaths for indoors and transform your interior.