Contemporary Wreaths for Front Door

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Add a modern twist to your space with these contemporary wreaths for front door. These modern options are the perfect way to update your entryway.

Popular Trends

The basics of what constitutes a wreath hasn’t changed in the many centuries that they’ve been around. But that doesn’t mean they all look like super traditional.

With modern trends, there are variety of interesting features to choose from. Each provides a unique take on this classic decoration.

You can even go with themed options, like coastal or maybe farmhouse.

Here are just a few options that are available:

Modern Foliage

In plants, is anything trendier than succulents? These sunlight loving plants have become synonymous with modern decor. With their muted colors and almost geometric looking foliage, it’s easy to understand why.

modern-hoop-wreath Succulent Fern Wreath

This option is perhaps the best one if you want something that will suit modern or minimalist designs. It’s a much more subtle take on this type of decor, while still feeling fairly traditional.

An offset style like the one above is also a great option for the shape. By focusing the visual weight on the bottom, it gives it that extra bit of contemporary style.

Interesting Colors

Traditionally, this type of decor seeks to be as true to life as possible. The foliage and flowers only come in a range of colors that would be found in nature. Quality options also have details like variegation in the leaves and petals, to make things even more realistic.

However, realism isn’t your only option.

If you want to break away from traditional styles, one way to do that is through different color choices.

You can shake up the colors of the foliage and flowers by going with some unexpected choices. Blue and purple are popular options, as are pastels.

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Of course, some plants do come in these colors naturally. But as a whole, using them as pops of color will give the decoration a more unique look.

You can also go in a different direction, with things like neon, bright jewel tones, or even a gothic palette! The point is not to restrict yourself when it comes to color selection. There are plenty of options out there if you know what you’re looking for.

Unusual Shapes

Another popular, modern trend, is to change up frame shapes. Traditional frames and hoops are always round, but that’s hardly your only option.

Geometric shapes, like squares and triangles are hyper modern and trendy. These are prefect if you want something super stylish.

For a bit more fun, you can go with even more distinctive shapes. Things like hearts and stars are another option that you can make modern or traditional, according to your tastes. Hearts, in particular, come in a variety of pretty variations.

Another popular option is letters. You can get frames or plain foliage bases shaped as the individual letters of the alphabet.

monogram-wreath-for-front-doorMonogram Wreath

Monogram options like these are a fun way to really personalize your décor. These are prefect for doing a unique gallery walls with initials, or simple words.

Contemporary Ways to Hang Your Decor

You may have noticed that contemporary wreaths come in a variety of styles. Some options come with the visual weight on just one part of the frame. (As in, the foliage and flowers are focused on a single spot, not dispersed evenly across the frame.)

Other options come with multiple frames. And still more come in shapes that you can arrange differently.

This allows for a few different ways to hang your wreath.

When it comes to multiple frames, you have a few options. One method is to hang them throughout a space, to coordinate your decor.

Your other option is to hang three wreaths together, for a gallery look. You can stagger them, or you can hang them one directly beneath the other.

Hanging them together is the optimal choice if you’re using them in an entryway, especially if you have a small door. It allows you to fill up the space, without having to fuss over hanging something really heavy and large.

For options that have all the foliage concentrated in one area, you also have a few different choices. The shape of these is usually circular, so you can’t do much with that. You can, however, change where the foliage is.

You can hang the frame so that it’s on the top, on the sides, or on the bottom. Since the shape is a circle, it should still look good no matter where you rest it.

Modern Classics

It’s easy to write off traditional decorations, thinking that they’re stuffy or out of fashion. But that’s hardly the case.

Inevitably, classics are recycled and reinterpreted to fit modern tastes. The same is true for wreaths.

While the basic concept of these decorations has remained the same throughout time, styles have changed. There are now plenty of different ways to interpret fundamental elements, like color, foliage selection, and even shape.

You don’t have to stick to simple circles filled with flowers if you don’t want to.

So if you’re looking for something new, embrace a contemporary wreaths for front door option.

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