3 Wreaths on Front Door

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Maximize your decorations with 3 wreaths of front door ideas. These sets are the perfect way to decorate your entryway fully, with ease.

What is this style?

This style is exactly what it sounds like. You’re styling multiple decorations at once, on your entryway. Three is the most common number, since it tends to look the best. But really you can do however many you want.

If your entryway is smaller, two matching ones is fine. If it’s larger, go with four. You can even do as many as six! (This works especially well if you have a double-door entryway.)

When placing the decorations, the most common method is to space all of them evenly and vertically. With this, you essentially have a trail of decorations leading down your doorway.

Although that’s not your only option. Depending on the size, you can place the however you want.

3 Wreaths on Front Door Sets

If you’re looking for some sets to work with, here are some good options. These include year round options, as well as holiday oriented sets.

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Why Choose this Style?

The main benefit of this style is how easy it is. Just purchase a set, hang it up, and you’re done! These sets are bold enough that they can stand alone as your entryway decoration. You can certainly dress up the rest of your porch or threshold if you want, but you don’t have to.

That saves you quite a bit of hassle. And depending on what set you purchase, it will save you money as well.

The other benefit is the creativity it offers. There are so many different ways you can style these sets, and you can even create your own sets!

Here are some ideas for how to style these sets:

Individual Decoration Ideas

If you can’t find a set that appeals to your tastes, you can purchase individual wreaths instead. For this, find an option that you like and get it in different colors or sizes. You can also purchase totally separate, complementary options.

Here are some great monochromatic options:

This is easier if you choose a starting point. As previously mentioned, you can start with a product you like, and see if they offer multiple versions. Lots of manufacturers will offer the same decoration in different sizes and colors.

If that doesn’t work, you can choose a specific flower, and then see what colors are available. This works especially well if you’re going with an all floral wreath. You can do different color roses, for example.

The same is true for foliage. Pick a foliage base that you like, like eucalyptus or magnolia leaves, and then see what’s available. With an option like boxwood, you can even get different shapes.

Hanging Ideas

There are tons of different ways to hang these options. The traditional way is to space them evenly and vertically. But you can definitely get more creative than that.

Three Wreaths

Staggering them is another a popular option. It requires more effort when hanging, but it makes for a striking design.

If you have smaller decorations, you can stagger them across, horizontally.

For example, have them trailing down, at a diagonal angle. Or, hang them horizontal, but put them all at different heights. You can also stack them vertically, just at different angles, so they’re not directly beneath one another.

In terms of what you hang them with, the choice is up to you.

You can hang and attach them together with ribbon, or you can attach them to each other. To give you more freedom with placement, you can also hang them separately. Just use a hidden hanger, like hooks or nails.

Embellishment Ideas

Of course, you can also play around with the embellishments. Embellishments are easy to add by hand, especially if you’re using larger ones.

For this style of decoration, monograms and signs are the best options. You can purchase wooden ones cheap, and you can get whatever shape or style you want.

Letters, in particular, are a fun option. With these, you can spell something out, or do initials. Signs are also good though. You can put a large one in the largest wreath, or in the center one.

Whatever embellishment you choose, keep in mind that they don’t have to be identical. You can do a set of complementary bows, signs, or letters.

And if you’re not finding what you like, purchase unfinished embellishments and design them yourself.

The possibilities are endless!

Go Bold with Your Doorway

While minimalism is the current trend, there’s nothing wrong with occasional bold decoration. Styling multiple decorations in your entryway is one great option for a bold design.

Using a set offers an easy decoration option that can save you money. It’s also an opportunity to get creative. You can style a set or individual decorations however you want.

So if you haven’t tried these options, get 3 wreaths on front door sets, and making more of your decor.

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